There is a new warning for Facebook users. Users of the popular social networking site need to think twice before opening any emails saying they are notifications from Facebook. A new malware is spreading through emails claiming that someone may have tagged a user in a photo on Facebook. But, the emails are not from the company.

According to Sopho, they “intercepted a spammed-out email campaign” designed to spread malware. But, there is a telltale sign for users to look for to protect their computer. The email address states that the user has been tagged in a photo of Facebook along with a think to connect to the tagged photo. However, the email address the message comes from is The fake email misspells Facebook by adding an extra “o” to the site’s name.

If you don’t check the email address and click on the link inside the email, you will be redirected to a malicious iFrame script that exposes the user’s computer to malware. But, in just a few seconds users will see what looks like a normal Facebook page.

For users’ protection, it is recommended to always check the email address on any notification received from Facebook as well as any links inside the email. To check the it, simply hover the mouse over the link. The display will definitely tell you if the link is legit or a trap.

A hacker in Russia is claiming to have found a loophole in Apple’s App store that can let people download apps for free. Known as ZonD80, the hacker says he has figured out a way to get in-store apps without paying for them. He says by visiting his website and downloading some security certificates then, changing an iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection setting, you can download apps for free.

There are a couple of warnings. First, it is stealing plan and simple. The second is security issues. By downloading the security certificates from the site, people run the risk of having to share their personal information.

Apple hasn’t released a statement regarding the issue.