We are deep into the abyss that is the ‘Digital Age.’ Data is now your business’ most valuable asset. Unfortunately, there’s not a week that goes by where there is not some report of a ‘data breach’ where a company’s digital security is breached and that data is lost to hackers or other nefarious actors. So what can an organization do to keep its data safe? 

Great question! Let’s explore.

Devise a strategy

Instead of having a broad set of policies and procedures, an organization (no matter its size) must establish IT security strategies that are detailed and exhaustive. 

These policies and procedures must outline specifically how to protect the organization’s data and other digital resources, and what to do should a breach occur. A detailed response strategy ensures an organization won’t crumble if there’s a data breach, nor make a knee-jerk reaction that could worsen the situation.

They should also be constantly updated and familiar to all people concerned. Just as technology evolves so should data security measures and if everyone knows how to protect data it is less likely an incident will occur. 

Passwords that aren’t Jane1234

One simple and practical method of increasing an organization’s data security is to enforce strict password protocols and have people update their passwords regularly. 

It is estimated that more than 80% of data breaches are due to poor password security and vulnerable password. Weak passwords are a very easy pathway into an organization’s system and individuals looking to get in will try to exploit that first. Ensuring staff use passwords that meet a number of criteria and must be changed after a period of time is a great strategy to improve data security.

Have a secure wireless network

If your organization has a wireless network, then it’s important to know that an insecure wireless network is another easy path inside for hackers. Employing an encryption key will of course provide a big barrier for inexperienced or wannabe hackers, but you shouldn’t just stop with an encryption key alone. Strengthening the routers you use by having the strongest encryption setting you can while turning off the broadcasting function (to make your network invisible for people searching for networks) also helps. This basically comes back to the simple idea that someone can’t get into something they can’t even see!

Know your people

Knowing who works in your organization is crucial, and many take the step of conducting background checks on them before taking them on. There are a number of agencies you can use to legally conduct these checks.

Be a good leader and get to know them too. Knowing where people come from, their beliefs, and their interests create trust. It will also be much easier to identify drastic changes in behavior too, which may be all the clues you need that a security situation may be about to occur. 

Keeping your data safe

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