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Nearly every part of your business can be outsourced. Still, many company owners assume they need to need to keep certain aspects on-premise, especially technical infrastructure. For example, your Network Operating Center (NOC) can even be outsourced.

NOC outsourcing can be included in your Managed IT services for greater efficiency, uptime, and cybersecurity. 

What is a NOC (Network Operations Center)?

A network operation center “monitors the telecommunication network for alarms or certain conditions that may require special attention in order to avoid impact on network performance. They monitor power failures, communication line alarms and performance issues that may affect networks. NOCs are capable of analyzing problems, performing troubleshooting, communicating with site technicians and tracking problems until they are resolved.” Obviously, any downtime can be quite costly for the business! 

How should a NOC be managed?

To prevent downtime and restore IT operations or connectivity, NOCs need to be regularly monitored and maintained. However, many NOCs are not in the same location as the company’s general operations. This makes some business owners wary of outsourcing; why would you want the NOC to be even more out of reach?

The solution is to use a Managed IT provider who integrates NOC maintenance into their services. It may seem counterintuitive, but outsourcing your NOC actually leads to better performance and more consistent uptime than keeping your NOC maintenance on-premise. 

Why do you need to outsource your NOC?

Most IT departments are occupied with other tasks. Any technical failure on the NOC pulls your IT personnel away from their work — and requires them to be “on-call” after-hours. Also, emerging cyber threats and finicky monitoring tools mean someone has to be constantly monitoring the NOC. In any case, you’re spending more, whether it’s on overtime, specialized staff training, or additional monitoring tools. 

It’s much more cost-efficient to outsource your NOC maintenance to a Managed IT services provider. These experts already know how to build a high-performing infrastructure and resolve server issues quickly. This means greater peace of mind and fewer downtime incidents.

If you’ve been shifting to cloud-based tools like many businesses, your NOC becomes both more crucial and more complicated. Your systems have multiple security layers (or they should), and you need nearly 100% uptime to ensure smooth operations. Any hiccups could mean loss of data, incomplete synchronization, security gaps…the list goes on.

What can a Managed IT provider do for NOC maintenance?

As part of their overall streamlining of your IT infrastructure, a good Managed IT provider can help you:

  • Implement the right monitoring tools to ensure consistent uptime and cybersecurity.
  • Coordinate network configurations and security measures to accommodate all devices, drives, and cloud-based platforms that connect to the NOC.
  • Improve overall cybersecurity.
  • Provide a quick resolution to any failures or performance issues to avoid downtime and consequently lost productivity.
  • Get the peace of mind that your NOC is being maintained properly without having to pull your internal staff off their projects.
  • Give you valuable metrics about your NOC’s performance.

Plus, your provider can be your partner as you scale up your business. A growing company requires its IT infrastructure to grow as well. Managed IT companies can organize and optimize your network configuration for your needs — so you can focus on taking care of your business. 

NOC Outsourcing is the Smart Choice for Your Business 

If you have a complex IT infrastructure comprising site-restricted access, VPNs, data backups, and cloud-based tools, it’s crucial to keep your NOC in good shape. You need as close to 100% uptime and the highest bandwidth possible. In addition, you need reliable monitoring so you can quickly address any issues. A skilled Managed IT provider specializing in NOC maintenance can provide all of this and more.

RACK59 is proud to offer expert NOC services as part of our Managed IT product offering. We combine proactive management with consistent monitoring and technical optimization to create a high-performance IT infrastructure — no matter what tools and platforms you’re using. Learn more about how RACK59 can help you outsource your NOC. 


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