Choosing a reputable company that you can rely on for all of your organization’s IT needs is not a decision you should or can afford to take lightly. First, let’s begin with what Managed IT services typically include.

What Do Managed IT Services Typically Include?

Managed services is a term that refers to the process of outsourcing daily IT responsibilities to a third party. This strategy helps improve operations and accelerates a return on technology investment.

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a company that provides either on-site, but in most cases, remote managing and monitoring of an organization’s IT infrastructure. A good MSP will handle a variety of crucial tasks, including:

  • Remotely managing and monitoring networks and services.
  • Helping you build a robust IT strategy.
  • Helping you select and acquire equipment and software.
  • Cybersecurity measures including data backup, restoration, and recovery services.

What Should I Look for in a Managed IT Services Partner?

Humanized Support Services

When something goes awry, the last thing you want is to only be able to get in contact with an automated recording. You want to speak with a real person who can actually provide you the knowledge and expertise you need. When choosing a Managed IT services partner, it’s critical to look for a company that values customer care, integrity, and accountability to the highest level. A competent and valuable partner will understand that if you don’t succeed, they can’t succeed.

Certified IT Specialists

To restore your IT systems in the event of a crash, secure your data in the event of a breach, or help you get back online after an outage you need competent and reliable technicians that will always come through. Look for a team that has an extensive pool of Level 2 and Level 3 specialists across multiple platforms to ensure you are always in capable hands.

24×7 Support

Major problems, outages, and hacks simply don’t follow a 9-5 schedule. This means you need support you can count on when issues inevitably arise. Make sure your prospective IT partner is fully staffed and stays on standby for you 24/7.

Holistic Product Knowledge

The field of IT, including the threats, product updates, and software, are continually evolving. Your Managed IT Services partner must remain committed to keeping up as the trends, threats, and products evolve. Focus on the support model a potential partner provides and ensure it is robust with Multi-OEM, Multi-Platform, and Multi-Technology offerings for every touchpoint.

Global Integration

Look into the geographical footprint of a potential partner. Are they strategically located to provide the resources you need for worldwide integration? Do they have a large pool of talent to work from? Do they have substantial local knowledge to help you make the most of your IT infrastructure? These are important questions to consider and ask.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions

One of the most important facets of an IT partner that should be investigated is their OEM partnership. How many do they have? Who are those partnerships with? These are important questions to ask when choosing the right partner to ensure they can sustain a full spectrum of technology products and services.

Choose RACK59 as Your Managed IT Services Partner

RACK59 is a premium Tier III data center provider offering managed IT services and high-density and high-availability colocation for any size enterprise. Our customers are weighing their options on how to leverage cloud, managed services, and data center colocation to gain greater efficiency and lower their overall IT operational expense. As Oklahoma’s premier colocation and data center services provider, RACK59 is positioned with the experience, expertise, and proven facility to make sure your critical data and IT infrastructure is always available.

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