We’ve already told you that cloud services are booming, so what’s in store for the future of the industry?

The team that helped to develop cloud services for Amazon, Google and Microsoft presented South by Southwest’s only cloud computing panel entitled “Cloud Computing: Defending the Undefineable.”

The panelists discussed some of the current problems plaguing developers and what could be expected in the future. They focused on key aspects of their respective services and hinted at ideas that are in development.

Here’s a quick view of what we can expect in the immediate future:

  • Separate cloud services for enterprise and corporate databases with the ability to collaborate
  • Operating systems integrated with cloud computing, like Windows Azure
  • “Public” and “private” lots offered to customers to meet varied security needs
  • Increased automation
  • Data portability features, such as importing and exporting from other cloud services
  • Improved ease of migration features for new customers
  • “Greener” computing* Hybrid servers that combine the cloud and dedicated servers

In order to realize the future, there are still several obstacles to overcome, including concerns with privacy, security and power output. The biggest challenge to developers is designing programs and apps around cloud-based services, as concessions need to be made for scalability and consistency with data processing speeds.

While it appears as though developers may have a lot to take on to perfect the cloud, they made it clear that they are up to the challenge and believe the cloud is the future. It seems the audience was in agreement; an informal survey revealed that about one-third of the people in attendance were users of Amazon’s cloud service.