Unified Communications

The popularity of Unified Communications has only grown over the past decade. With more companies working remotely and across countries and continents than ever before, it’s time for many companies to make the switch to a UC system. Why? Read on to learn more!

What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications offer a single system that manages telephone, video conferencing, instant messaging, voicemail email, facsimile, customer service, and more. It is a multi-prong communications solution that helps small companies compete with larger competitors in their industries.

Why Switch to Unified Communications?

There are many reasons this switch might make sense for your organization.

Small Businesses
UC allows small business owners to “level the playing field” across the marketplace. Small businesses can accomplish things and manage trends that were once limited to only larger companies.

Small businesses can now appear more professional, streamlined, and on the ball. How? One way is the ability to combine so many different types of communication like instant messaging, video conferencing, customer service, and more all into one platform. This allows a small business to do so much more as a company, even with a much smaller workforce than other businesses.

Improved Functionality

Adapt an easily managed solution to do more – improved functionality at an affordable rate that is easy to manage is critical for small businesses.

Imagine having one tool that encompasses everything you need for communication. You and your staff would no longer have to use 5-6 separate systems to communicate but could do so seamlessly through one platform. Chat over video and then, on the same platform, send an instant message with notes following up the meeting. This leads to greater efficiency and increased productivity for you and your team.

Greater Connectivity for Remote Work

UC creates greater connectivity for remote workforces. Workers are more mobile and they need to be able to have the same access while working from a mobile device as they would with a desktop system. No matter where they are, employees and customers are easy to keep in touch with no matter their location or device. Unified communications solutions also help in managing and connecting remote employees using conferencing, as well as other monitoring capabilities.

Lower Operating Costs 

Ineffective communications can cost companies over $500k each year according to an SIS International Research report. IT departments also have reduced costs, as the single platform means fewer technical issues.

To ensure your initial costs are comparable when searching for your unified communications solution it is important to investigate near and long-term costs. Make sure you not only get the quote for the base price but also the features you will need. Look for a solution that gives you the best savings overall including licensing, maintenance, and upgrades that may be needed down the road.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Your UC solution should help you improve customer satisfaction, giving you options to better serve customers and get information about each incoming call for better routing. You can also provide seamless communications for customers. With UC, the same experience is delivered with each call, message, or email.

Scale Easily

When considering switching to a UC solution, make sure it can not only meet your current needs but help as you scale your business. You need a system that is flexible and has functionalities that will easily grow with your business.

Improved Productivity and Collaboration

With a UC solution, everything runs through one single platform, using one interface and switching seamlessly between messaging and live audio and video conferencing. The interface is also available across multiple devices. Combined with collaborative tools (UCC), you can seamlessly integrate conversations and meetings with live documents and files.

Increased Revenue

Businesses can improve their sales processes and deliver better customer service. By implementing a more seamless experience for customers and employees, companies can increase revenue. This happens by not only creating a better experience for everyone, leading to an improved brand reputation and additional customers but also by increasing productivity amongst your staff leading to greater profit margins.

Improved Efficiency

Working with one platform allows your team to work more efficiently because employees can communicate and collaborate instantly. They can also choose the medium that works best for the task at hand as well. 

Unified communications help businesses to streamline communications between staff and individual departments, across the entire company, and with customers. It provides better productivity, customer service, accessibility, and scalability.  It also reduces costs and security risks. If you want to compete in your industry, grow your business, and increase your bottom line it is time to make the switch to unified communications.

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