Colocation and Cloud Storage For IT Infrastructure

Companies started to become digital lately and the ongoing pandemic has triggered the need to a different level. While many organizations have accepted the digital transformation, some companies are still trying to understand the process. Leaders in the industrial telecommunication industry are looking for solutions that can help in colocation or cloud storage. Collocating allows the companies to maintain the performance and service while increasing the effectiveness of the infrastructure that they currently have.

Nowadays, more and more companies are going for the best of both the world, which means, the companies are choosing both colocation and cloud storage. When there is a balance between both, it helps the companies to maintain utmost security, better computing resource, and legacy applications.

Cloud Computing:

There are companies that provide cloud platforms based out of remote servers. These cloud platforms act as storages, networks, and servers. The companies that offer cloud platforms generally have their own set of tools to manage the whole process.


Colocation is a process in which companies can rent physical space for their IT infrastructure. This allows the companies to access their servers physically in a data center. More and more businesses are now choosing colocation in OKC as they get physical space, security, cooling system, power supply, etc. under the same roof.

Difference Between Colocation and Cloud Service:

There is one primary difference between colocation and cloud service. In cloud service, the data stored in cloud is managed by the service provider. Also, the service provider manages the data virtually. However, in colocation, the owner companies rent the space for colocation. As a result, the colocation facility does not any access to the data stored.

Similarity Between Cloud and Colocation:

The main similarity between both the services is that companies go for these services when they want to save money. It will cost so much more if the companies need to set up their own server in the data center. Since cloud storage can be accessed virtually, it saves money. Similarly, the colocation facility shares resources that can otherwise cost so much, which in turn saves a huge amount for the companies.

Which One Is the Better Option?

Both colocation in OKC and cloud storage have their own advantages and disadvantages. Even though cloud storage is a popular choice, companies that do want to let the cloud providers access their data should refrain from investing in cloud.

For these businesses, having a facility for colocation in OKC can be a great option. Rack59 Colocation Services offers a seamless service for such big organizations to ensure they work in an uninterrupted and smooth environment without involving any risk.