Colocation and Its Comparison with the Public Cloud

A company may want to save office space by keeping its servers in a data center owned by a third-party. These types of services are known as data center colocation services. There are many benefits of colocation. Read on to get relevant insight of the same.

Benefits of Colocation:

Among the multiple benefits, a few are listed below:

  • If a company wants to increase its bandwidth, they will need to create a new data center for that. Generally, an office does not have enough floor space that allows to increase bandwidth. Choosing the colocation center will allow the companies to increase the same at a lower cost in comparison to creating a data center.
  • Owners of many companies have opted for colocation because it not only saves server space but also reduces the cost. The companies that choose to collocate share the cost of cooling, power, floor space or communication with the data center colocation companies.
  • Companies do not want to lose control over the extremely expensive server equipment that they own. If there is not enough space in the company’s own server room, they may need to get rid of the equipment. However, choosing a data center colocation company allows them to have full control over their own equipment without losing anything.
  • Companies that provide colocation services are professionals and equipped to handle different types of situations. To ensure maximum protection, the companies install CCTV cameras, hire security guards, install fire detection systems, keep power backup, etc.

Differences Between Public Cloud and Colocation

There is one major difference in the way data is stored by the data center colocation companies and by the public cloud companies. The only similarity between these two services is that they both provide a shared facility to the companies.

Unlike colocation companies, the organizations cannot control their own equipment. The cloud provider handles everything from storage to server to other elements. Even the expenses for setting up the network elements and keeping the server operational are assessed and decided by the cloud provider.

Data center colocation companies require you to set up your own storage, server and networking elements. Hence, many business owners still choose public cloud centers and that is because they want to use their own data centers for expansion of their business.


Both public cloud and data colocation are important in today’s world. These two cater to different requirements that companies may have. Rack 59 Colocation Service offers the best services in Oklahoma. It offers reliability, control, efficiency, operational design and everything a company needs to function properly.