Colocation Data Center: Facts to Know

Colocation is known to be a data center facility wherein businesses are capable of renting space for computing hardware and servers.

These are of two kinds-

Retail: This is where one can lease space in small-scale increments within data centers.

Wholesale: In wholesale collocations, a tenant can lease fully established data center spaces.

These data centers mainly follow or get certified by the tiring levels of the Uptime Institute.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Data Centers-These have single pathways for cooling and power and very few backup components. The expected uptime is around 99.7 %.

Tier 3 Data Center-These feature multiple pathways for cooling and power and consist of systems that can be maintained and updated without the need to take them offline. The expected uptime is slightly higher at 99.8%.

Tier 4 Data Center-This is a completely fault-tolerant data center and consists of redundancy for each component. Its expected uptime is around 99.99%.

Is It Appropriate for Your Business?

In the modern era of digitalization, it is ideal for organizations of OKC to introduce a colocation data center for computing assets.

A major driver is CAPEX which is linked with creating, maintaining, and updating larger computer facilities.

Also, it provides a vehicle for hyper-converged and high intensity computing whose cooling and power needs might not be handled by an already existing data center.

To date, colocations turn out to be the best for recovering disasters of tier1 applications, and the cloud is used for continuing tier 2 businesses.

Picking your Appropriate Data Center: Factors to Consider

Serviceability Factor- This is needed for vendor and internal support. Distance plays a major role in increasing the travel costs when it is required to check the equipment manually.

Flexibility Factor-It is crucial to consider space and power if you want to use colocation for growth. New cooling or power-hungry equipment requires on-demand availability and more capacity.
As you start growing, some workloads need adjacency to meet the needs of latency it is critical to allow accessibility for nearby floor space.

Transparency: It is better to work with a colocation provider in OKC that offers some level of management and self-monitoring along with transparency.

Term Agreement: Collocation customers are known to get involved in long-term contracts, which do not allow them to re-negotiate rates when prices drop.

Better User Experience: It is crucial to consider the redundancy and bandwidth of the core services in the SLAs of critical applications.

How We Help Revolutionize Your Business?

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