Colocation Service for a Startup Company – Is It Necessary or a Gimmick?

A data center is one of the main keys to a grown business. The data center provides storage, networking and computing storage to help the applications that drive the business. Generally, a business operates its own IT works or data center but it is complex and expensive.

If the business is small, then it is hard to expand a capital-intensive investment. To solve this problem, you can choose a colocation service that is run by a service provider and also can access the colocation across a WAN. If you cannot handle the IT workload of the company anymore, then it’s time to opt for the best colocation providers.

best colocation providers

What Is a Colocation Service?

It is mainly IT-focused and gives data center support to client corporations. It can provide a few benefits like power, cooling, physical security, physical building space and telco access for WAN support.

Client businesses can rent necessary space in the colocation service and can control their storage, networking and computing work. But nowadays, a few colocation service providers also offer this facility too. But hiring a colocation service provider provides you the opportunity to reduce the expense of operating a data center facility.

How to Choose a Colocation Service Provider?

1. Location

Before renting a service provider, you have to consider their location to eliminate the latency as much as possible. Various colocation service providers provide more centers than others. If you need the location near your locality or popular area, then contact the providers who have data centers in popular areas.

2. Previous Record

You also have to check their previous working history before choosing them. It is one of the most important factors while hiring them. Do they have a history of disruption-free service? You have to give priority to those who have established records of delivering reliable data center facilities compared to others. It would be foolish if you choose a service provider who started their service a few days ago, right?

3. Interconnection

In general, almost all colocation facilities give network connectivity solutions, but their interconnect option may vary. If you want to connect a specific public cloud with your colocated infrastructure, then you have to compare the interconnect offerings of the multiple providers.

The Bottom Line

The colocation service providers offer many services from providing a popular location to managed service. You have to consider many factors, not just price while approaching the best colocation providers. Contact Rack59 Data Center to know more information about their services.