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Data Center Colocation For The Energy & Gas Industry

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The Advantages Of A Colocation Data Center For The Energy Industry

2N Redundancy

Rack 59 Colocation Data Center provides 2N redundancy, HVAC cooling systems, and reliable connectivity. These redundant systems ensure a 99.999% uptime for your crucial energy & gas industry business.

Multi-Layered Security

Rack 59 Colocation Data Center provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your critical data and IT equipment are protected by multiple layers of security and secure technology.

Dense & Diverse Connectivity

Rack 59 Colocation Data Center provides access to a vast and diverse network of internet service providers (ISPs). The wide array of ISPs improves reliability and increases competition to help keep costs low. 

The Changing Landscape of the Energy & Gas Industry Highlights the Critical Need to Transition to the Secure and Reliable Connectivity of a Colocation Data Center

The demands of high population growth and the ever-increasing reliance on electronic and gas powered devices make it crucial for Energy & Gas Industry providers to process, monitor, maintain, and store vast amounts of sensitive data. The mission critical nature of this data requires a high-density data processing solution with the ability to process large volumes of diverse data quickly, efficiently, and reliably while maintaining cost-effectiveness and maximizing security and scalability.



RACK59 Data Center offers 99.999% reliability, best in class design, operations, and efficiency on one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing technology campuses.

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