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Data Center Colocation for Entertainment Organizations in Oklahoma City

As the drive for constant content grows across the globe, entertainment and media companies are pushed to meet those demands with vigor.

Storage quickly becomes a problem for these companies.

Data centers solve that problem with grace and flexibility.

From small startup entertainment businesses with independent films to large media powerhouses with multiple streaming options for their users, each company will, in the end, have to manage their data.

Storage is not the only issue, either. You need connectivity, speed, and security as well.

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Rack 59 Offers Convenience and Expertise to Entertainment and Media Clients

2N Redundancy

Colocation can expand an entertainment organization’s physical capacity for their data storage and processing needs. With redundant power sources and greater efficiency, colocation promotes consistent uptime and failsafe infrastructure

Multi-Layered Security

On-premise data centers and cloud-based solutions may have limited security measures. Colocation entails multiple levels of security checks, various access points, and physical safeguards to prevent improper access and minimize downtime due to a poor security posture.

Dense & Diverse Connectivity

Colocation expands the organization’s options for network connections, thereby reducing connectivity costs and further promoting continual, well-secured data storage and access — ideal for processing and delivering media and information data on-demand.

Entertainment Organizations are Making the Critical Move to Secure and Connected Colocation Data Centers in Oklahoma City

As someone managing content, talent, clients, and so much more, you do not also have time to deal with your data.

Ideally, you simply want your data to grow, and to not have to think about where the data is held, whether it is secure, or if you will have problems accessing it.

On your own, you would have to have enough physical space to set up servers that can hold all of your data, which, if all continues to go well, will require a lot of storage space. You will need to have at least one in-house tech to monitor and manage your IT, and you will need to worry about security, constantly.

Keeping your data onsite runs the risk of hacking. All a hacker would have to do is infiltrate your on the ground location, and your data could be lost or stolen in an instant.

Additionally, you would need to be relatively close to your servers to quickly gain access to the information you need. The further you are from your server, the less secure your connection, and likewise with your clients attempting to access the content you are creating for them.

This is where data centers come in.

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