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Data Center Colocation for Healthcare Organizations in Oklahoma City

Healthcare organizations are responsible for large quantities of highly sensitive data, including Protected Health Information. This data must be handled in accordance with strict federal, state and association rules and regulations. RACK59’s colocation services in Oklahoma City can assist in these security requirements.

Gain reliable data storage, full compliance, and continual uptime with Oklahoma’s Premier Colocation Data Center. Schedule your FREE colocation assessment today to learn how your healthcare organization can store and access your crucial data.

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Benefits of a Healthcare Data Center in Oklahoma City

While there are many benefits of using a colocation data center for your healthcare organization, there are key advantages for securing your IT infrastructure within a  colocation data center compared to typical on-premise facilities.

2N Redundancy

Healthcare Colocation can expand a healthcare organization’s physical capacity for their data storage and processing needs. With redundant power sources and greater efficiency, colocation promotes consistent uptime and failsafe infrastructure

Multi-Layered Security

On-premise data centers and cloud-based solutions may have limited security measures. Colocation entails multiple levels of security checks, various access points, and physical safeguards to prevent improper access and minimize downtime due to a poor security posture.

Dense & Diverse Connectivity

Colocation expands the data center’s options for network connections, thereby reducing connectivity costs and further promoting continual, well-secured data storage and access — ideal for processing and delivering vital healthcare data on-demand.

Healthcare Organizations are Making the Critical Move to Secure and Connected Colocation Data Centers in Oklahoma City

Healthcare is now a highly complex industry with both virtual and physical services, overlapping regulations for PHI storage and access, and ever-increasing amounts of medical data. Downtime, data loss, or poor connectivity can severely impact organizational efficiency, legal compliance, and patient outcomes. To resolve the problems from an on-premise data center, obtain on-demand, multifaceted data storage from RACK59’s Healthcare Colocation Services in Oklahoma City.



RACK59 Data Center offers 99.999% reliability, best in class design, operations, and efficiency on one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing technology campuses.

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