Data Center Connectivity Is Shaping The Future

In the last two years, the world has seen a huge advancement in digital activities. From IT companies to digital marketing to other organizations have seen a huge rush in the digital world. As more and more companies entered the digital sphere, data center connectivity solutions became extremely necessary. There are various reasons why data center connectivity is an important factor in today’s world.

data center connectivity solutions

Knowing data center interconnect:

When there are more than one data center, there might be a need of connecting the multiple centers for seamless data center connectivity solutions. Data center interconnect or DCI is the technology using which the data centers are connected despite the distance among those.

The data centers are interconnected so that the appliances such as firewall, routers, servers, switches, etc. can function properly. The interconnection also helps in business continuation, IT management, and disaster recovery through backup.

Categories of interconnection:

Data center connectivity solutions depend on the detailed requirements. Here are the types that are known:

  • Cross connection: A cross connection method is followed when there is a need to connect two data centers physically. Cables are used to establish connection between the data centers. This method is not only followed in connecting two data centers, but also two individual units located in the same data center.
  • Peering exchange: Peering exchange is an open market where the interested data center connectivity solutions can have a secured connection where they can exchange their IP traffic and benefit from that mutually. If one of the data centers has to rent a third-party network, the cost would increase many fold. Hence, this is a preferred method for the data centers.
  • Blended IP: When more than one data center wants to provide connection through an uninterrupted internet connection, they choose blended IP. This process allows the data center connectivity solutions to transfer data in lightning-fast speed as they are using blended IP. Also, this is less expensive than hiring a single IP provider.

Inter-site connection: Inter-site connection is set up between two data centers where the centers can connect with each other both virtually and physically. This allows the two centers to share the load and reduce the incidents like link failures or congestion that is caused by too much traffic

An Advance Technology:

The importance of data center connectivity cannot be denied in today’s world. It not only ensures low operating expenses, but also helps with betterment of connectivity. Rack59 Colocation Services is a data center connection provider in Oklahoma City. No matter what the size of the business is, Rack59 offers reliable data centers for all types of businesses.