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Data Center Monitoring

Word-class Standards, Highly Reliable Environment

Private Data Center Space
Superior Data Center Monitoring

By creating a holistic data center monitoring ecosystem, RACK59 provides our internal technical team with real-time visibility into system performance. Our data center monitoring solutions are the best blend of state of the art digital technology and experienced technical expertise. Our DCIM monitoring system ensures that RACK59 is constantly providing maximum performance, uptime, connectivity, accessibility and security to our customers.

RACK59 data center monitoring solutions are designed to meet world-class standards for maintaining a highly reliable environment that is focused on high availability, service delivery, security and uptime. Our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and environmental monitoring systems alert our highly experienced and certified technicians to changes or issues before they become critical or possibly impact availability.

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Data Center Monitoring for Uptime Performance

The RACK59 DCIM solution monitors all the mechanical, electrical, and IT systems within our facility to provide real-time, actionable intelligence.

Data Center Monitoring Solutions Include:
  • ES2 monitoring system provides instantaneous equipment issue notifications for proactive maintenance and correction 24/7/365
  • Environmental monitoring solutions that maintain the temperature of the data center between 68℉ and 74℉.
  • A robust sensor network with more than 100 monitoring points including the UPSes, network switches, generators, chillers, CRAC units, and more
  • Extensive power monitoring and generator backup monitoring
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