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Colocation Services

Data Center Colocation

Power, Space & Fiber. This what we know and what we do best. Companies choose RACK59 as their colocation provider because they know that they can expect the highest standard of infrastructure, availability and service.

Whether you need a single “U” of space in a shared colocation cabinet, a 1/2 rack or 10 contiguous racks, we can facilitate your needs and give you the confidence to know that your equipment will always be on and always available.

RACK59 Data Center offers 99.999% reliability, best-in-class design, operations and efficiency on one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing technology campuses. Designed as a mission-critical facility, RACK59 provides 7 layered security, expansive and redundant power, abundant flexible-use space and unparalleled fiber connectivity for today’s data-driven enterprises.

If you’re ready to discover how colocation services with RACK59 can transform your business, schedule a tour or contact one of our colocation experts today.

Private Data Center

If your company needs the utmost in physical security, RACK59 can provide your company their own dedicated, private data center. Many companies need to prove to their auditors that their data and equipment is secure and meets HIPAA and PCI compliance standards.

RACK59 can provide your company with their own dedicated, private data center.

Private data center space gives you the extra level of security that makes the auditor’s job easy. RACK59 can configure your private data center such that it has completely separate infrastructure from the other customers including separate UPSes, CRAC units, generators, and network equipment.

The RACK59 team can provision your private data center to meet the power and heat dissipation requirements of your equipment. This type of flexible solution is why customers continue to use RACK59 for customized data center solutions.

Private Data Center

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Data Center Connectivity


We make bandwidth simple. Our network engineers can facilitate any customized solution that your company may have. As a carrier-neutral data center with 24+ carrier partners, we can facilitate MPLS and Metro-E circuits from virtually any provider through a dedicated fiber connection to our carrier hotel.

In addition to carrier circuits, RACK59 provides blended BGP mesh bandwidth that is provisioned from physically diverse entries into the facility and diverse providers. Whether it’s 1 Mbps or a GigE circuit, RACK59 can provide the reliable bandwidth your company needs.

Business Continuity & Workplace Recovery

Business continuity & workplace recovery plans (BC/WR) deliver resilience to IT activities and peace of mind to IT leaders. To ensure 100% uptime in the event of man-made or natural disaster, businesses are choosing to offload primary production or backup to a robust and redundant data center such as RACK59.

RACK59 delivers the resiliency, capacity, reliability, and geographic diversity your business needs. Experienced colocation experts design, build and implement scalable solutions that keep data protected and accessible so your employees can keep businesses up and running when unexpected IT disruptions occur.

Business continuity and workplace recovery services from RACK59 keep reputations intact, revenue channels flowing and clients happy so IT teams and decision makers sleep better at night.

Disaster Recovery
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