Data Centre Trends to Watch in 2022

After 2021, the best colocation providers recommend looking at all the key data center trends that will help shape the colocation and cloud hosting industry. The last two years have brought unmeasurable difficulties for all businesses, requiring immediate solutions to get going. At that time, the data center showed resilience to all those industries even when the global pandemic continued.

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The data center has been a strong partner for the organization so that they could reimagine their IT infrastructure and networking strategies. This pandemic taught us how all automated management systems require a ‘lights out’ data center. Here we are going to talk about all those new data center trends you will see in 2022 and beyond.

Fewer Data Centre Outage

The best colocation providers have been saying in recent times that the outage will decrease in 2021. It was seen that 69% of data managers said they had faced some power outage, which was 78% in 2020, which is a clear improvement in one year. The only bad part about it is that though the outage percentage has significantly decreased in this one year, the cost of damage has increased.

Out of 69% of an outage, 62% of it was reported to be severe and cost more than $100,00 in damage. In 2020 the percentage of the cost of damage was given to be just 56% which is much lower than the recent year. This needs to be taken care of in the near future.

Enhancement in Security

Enhancement in security is also one of the points some of the best colocation providers have talked about. Cyberattacks have always been something everyone has been trying to mend. Many automated security tools have been discovered that can identify the pattern and understand if an attack can happen, which means it will be the first line of defense against cyber-attack. Recently considerable growth has been visible for the remote workforce and hybrid IT solutions, so a better security system is required in the organization. The data center has the ability to provide cyber security and physical security to avoid ransomware and cyber-attacks.

The Edge Will Expand

According to all the best colocation providers, pairing edge computing and colocation facility has been the greatest decision. The demand for colocation data centers have hiked as edge computing has also been growing recently. Many things like outsourcing, data center facilities, public clouds, and colocation facilities were used together with edge computing as it was a very flexible and affordable initial investment.

Prepare for the Challenges in 2022

With new-age technology comes new-age problems, and Rack59 Data Centre provides security, redundant power, and expansion for all data-driven enterprises. Contact them to know more.