Explaining a Managed IT Service Provider and 3 of its Many Benefits

The term ‘managed services’ in the IT industry refers to any job that is ‘managed’ by a third party. This system allows the company to seek the expertise of an IT hardened veteran on specific tasks. Not only do managed services offer proficiency, but they are also a popular tool to curb expenses and improve service quality. Most managed IT service providers (MSPs) have a dedicated team to attend to the different intrinsic requirements of your business.

Who Is a Managed IT Service Provider?

A managed IT service provider is a third party that assumes responsibility for certain services their clients’ need. In most cases, the client decides the frequency of the services but sometimes the MSP too can determine when the services are needed. In such an arrangement, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is brought out. It states that the MSP is in charge of the functionality of a particular IT equipment or service.

In return, they charge the business a monthly subscription fee.

In simple words, when a business decides to outsource the maintenance, expertise, and a whole range of other functions to improve its ROI, it goes to a managed IT service provider. What’s even better is that managed services cost considerably less than if you were to hire your own tech team to carry out those responsibilities.

What Are the Benefits of Managed Services?

  • You and your core team get more time to focus on the actual comings and goings of the business. Your efforts can be streamlined towards the innovation behind bettering your organization instead of being jammed between mind-numbing data servers and maintenance work. This shift in time management is tied to increased productivity and a booming ROI.
  • Managed services also save a lot of money that would have otherwise gone into hiring and training entire teams. You can just pay the fixed monthly subscription costs and keep the company dollars from dishing out on associated costs that come with hiring a permanent employee. The money that you save can be invested back into the business.
  • You are no longer responsible for data outages because the managed service provider is in charge of them. The SLA will clearly state what support you can and cannot expect from the service provider. Most MSLs are better equipped than your in-house team to handle any sudden technical emergencies. In-house teams in small businesses can also seldom dedicate their hours to one task, courtesy of the million responsibilities they juggle at the same time. Isn’t it safer if you seek help from a dedicated team?

Should You Start Using IT Managed Services?

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