Getting to Know About Managed Colocation

To ensure that your IT infrastructure performs well, you must decide how to host your business applications. You must know your business thoroughly to understand what it might need in the future and how and where the system should be set up. Having said that, building a data center facility is not easy as it takes a lot of money to buy all the IT Infrastructure assets. It would help if you had everything like power, facility space, minor assets, and security in place. To avoid all the extra expenses, companies opt for managed colocation services. But now the question arises why are companies choosing colocation services over on-premise or cloud-based solutions? The answer is discussed in this blog.

Understanding Managed Colocation

A company houses its IT equipment and infrastructure in a service provider’s premises, called colocation. It is very helpful for those business organization who want to have control over their system but does not own enough space to house an infrastructure. When you opt for managed colocation service, they help to handle the infrastructure rather than just housing it. They help the business to manage its operating system, databases, and application. You have to fill a service level agreement depending on which they will provide their colocation service. You can add backup, storage, and security to your service.

Benefits of Colocation

High Availability

When you opt for managed colocation service, they ensure that all the necessary steps are taken, so your business data is always visible. If your company ever faces a power outage. They are going to provide you with alternative power supplies like generators. Colocation service owns high bandwidth connectivity, supported by SLA, so it is always available.


Every business organization wants its data to be protected and monitored 24/7, which the managed colocation service provides. They have started using cutting-edge cyber security protocols, mostly managed backup services. If your company faces any kind of data loss due to disaster, they guarantee to restore all the physical and virtual data.

Cost Effective

Colocation service can save huge costs for the organization by managing different types of barriers and having all other facilities in place.

Service and Support

If the business does not have proper technician staff to manage them, they will benefit from the managed colocation service.


Any good business organization requires a proper strategy to manage dynamic expansion. The colocation service provides a higher bandwidth during peak traffic to keep the work flowing.

Can Help Your Company Grow

Managed colocation service can help your company grow provided by Rack59 Data Center. They can transform your business with their managed IT services. Call to schedule a tour.