Guidelines for Choosing a Data Center Colocation Service Provider

If you consider an off-site data center to make a part of your company, then you can get various advantages from it. It also provides efficiency and saves unnecessary costs. Hiring the best colocation providers is a win-win solution for the companies. However, here, we have shared a few tricks that you should know before choosing the provider.

best colocation providers

Higher Level of Security

Keep in mind that you must have multiple levels of physical security both inside and outside the data center. You should also ask the provider whether the external areas are covered by cameras or not. You can also ask about vendor security procedures and if you can add extra security cameras within their space before choosing the provider.

Hire a Multi-Disciplinary IT Project Team

You should also create a team of engineers and lead architects from infrastructure, network, and disaster recovery so that they can help you to make the search criteria and find a suitable colocation site. Keep in mind that if there is any miscalculation in network design, power capacities and equipment densities, then it can affect IT operations and availability.

The Location

Ask yourself these questions before hiring the best colocation providers.

  • Do you want a data center near your company to limit latency?
  • Is quick access to the IT staff of your company a major factor?

According to the research, approx. 91% of people want to select the colocation service near their companies. How you use the data center also affects the choice of your location. Do you want to use it as a disaster recovery site? Then, you should choose the data center which is far away from your primary site so that the natural disaster does not destroy both of your facilities.

The Importance of Communication

As a business owner, you should also give importance to the importance of communication within the project team. You may think of it as a very small matter but in reality, it is not. If there is a lack of communication between three major functional factors including the location of the facility, IT requirements and design specifications, then you may have to face difficulties and disruption.

Technical Support

You know that emergencies may occur anytime in the area of business. So, you have to make sure that in time of emergency, you can get the tech support fully via text or phone call. You should ask the provider if they provide 24/7/365 support for emergencies when your staff is not on-site before choosing.

What to Do Next?

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