How to Choose the Right Data Center Colocation Partner?

Information is one of the vital commodities, and it is stored as data on the internet. With the issue of data security coming up these days, IT companies are opting for colocation data center providers. Here are a few things you must know about choosing the data center colocation partner.

colocation data center providers

Location Is Vital

It is one of the significant factors while choosing the data center. Even though you can save tons of money by choosing a center, which is far away from your main building. But, if you have to close to your building, you might lose some of its benefits.

Based on the wiring you are associated with, the distance between the company and the data center will affect the internet speed. Copper cables tend to lose strength nearby 330 feet while maintaining a signal. However, with fiber, the problem will reduce since it can move up to 25 miles before you get a slow connection.

Areas that are prone to natural disasters must have a data center away from any potential risk is the best option. Make sure that the data center you chose is accessible. For example, if any IT staff of your company want to upgrade any service, they don’t have to waste time for unproductive work like traveling.

Check the Reliability

When working with the data centers, it is important to have a backup source. You must look at the redundant systems, which the data centers provide during emergencies or inclement weather. Apart from that, make sure that the colocation data center providers you chose provide enough ventilation as well as cooling inside their infrastructure. It has been found that about 93% of the companies have lost their crucial data for more than ten days due to disaster. They also filed for bankruptcy within one year.

Look for the Security Options

A strong security system is yet another one of the essential things that you must keep in mind. As it houses all the enterprise data as well as applications, a security breach can lead to a loss in business. Not only that, it has been found out that the cost of a cyber-attack is almost around $4 million.

Data centers use the software, which helps in protecting the assets. Make sure that center that the center that you chose has locks, surveillance depending on the size. Besides, you must verify security features as well as objectives, which don’t stop the scalability of the service.

Need Colocation Data Center Provider For Your Company?

Information has to be stored carefully on the internet and for that data center colocation providers can help you. At Rack 59 Data Center, we carefully store the important data for various IT companies. Contact us for more details!