Learn about 4 Common Data Center Colocation Myths & Debunk Those

As time progresses, the importance of colocation data centers increases. Nowadays, it’s been a part of a successful business. Along with plenty of benefits, some myths have developed too. Quality and reliability are two of the most important concerns why organizations are in search of the best colocation provider. Here are 4 common misconceptions about colocation:

  • A Colocation Data Center is Expensive

It’s not true. Your colocation provider can help you customize an amount of service required for your business. This will help you stay competitive. And compared to an in-house data center, a colocation is highly cost-effective from different points of view.

  • It’s Less Reliable

Many people think that a colocation data center is less reliable. But that’s absolutely not the case. It’s reliable and a perfect option for those organizations that cannot afford to build one for their own.

  • Are the servers not Secure?

Many people believe their servers are not physically secure when they are collocated. But this is absolutely fake. It’s the greatest reason why various organizations choose a data center colocation service. When you hire the best colocation provider, he will ensure you first class service. Naturally, there are security guards and CCTV cameras to ensure a proper secure environment.

  • Customers Have Less Control over the equipment

Certain equipment requires 24 hours access. When you’re renting a data center, the provider will be responsible to offer you essential support including power, storage, and network and cooling infrastructure. Therefore, there are no such cases as customers have less control over their equipment. They will have the right to do what is best for the business.

  • Select the Best Colocation Provider

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