Managed Colocation Services Are Beneficial- Here’s Why?

There are many different types of data centers, but the most common is referred to as a “colo” or “colonization data center.” For businesses that don’t have the resources to maintain their own data center, but still want to reap the benefits, this is a popular one known as managed colocation services.

managed colocation services_colocation services

A definition of colocation

The term “colocation” covers a wide range of data center features. Servers and other equipment from numerous companies are ‘co-located,’ as the term implies, in a data center. The data center staff simply houses and occasionally maintains the hardware, which is typically owned by the company.

An additional aspect of this is the idea that a company can have its equipment spread out over a wide area. Colocation services, for example, may house three or four servers. If your company has a large geographic reach, you’ll want to make sure your computer systems are close to where you’ll be working.

Colocation Data Center Advantages

There are numerous advantages to using a colocation data center, whether you’re a business or an individual. If you’re trying to decide whether or not this type of service is right for you, consider the following considerations.

  • Colocation services are less expensive than constructing your own facility, so it’s an obvious choice. A colocation option will save you money if your equipment doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Fewer technical staff is another issue. You don’t need to worry about stuff like able to run cables, installing equipment, managing power, or any other technical processes. Colocation data centers may even be able to replace components or perform other tasks as necessary. This means that you don’t have to employ a large IT staff to handle this work.
  • In terms of reliability, colocation data centers are usually built to the highest standards. In addition to multiple network connections via various telcos and backup power generators, this also includes excellent physical security.
  • It is possible to locate your data center in a location that is convenient for your customers.
  • Expenses associated with colocation data centers will be largely predictable. As a result, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to spend on IT in the coming year.
  • You can easily add new data centers or other equipment to your facility as your business grows. An increase in capacity is much more difficult to achieve in a limited local data center or server closet.

Colocation Server Rack or Data Center: Which Is Better?

You’ll need to know the thin line between a full colocation data center and a colocation server rack when looking into colocation data center options. A colocation data center is when a facility is rented to a different company, rather than just a portion of it. If you’re interested in a colocation rack, you’re renting out rack space to multiple companies in the same data center. Call us at Rack59 Data Center if you are looking for this service.