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RACK59 Data Center Presentation and 360 Tour

Overview Data Center Presentation

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RACK 59 Data Center 360 Virtual Tour

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RACK59’s Oklahoma Colocation Solution


RACK59 has more available critical power than all other data centers in Oklahoma combined. We can facilitate large and small companies and support varying power requirements.


The RACK59 campus has only experienced 4 hours of downtime since the construction of the building in 1963. During those 4 hours, our data center customers never felt a moment of downtime. We are always on and always ready.


We have additional cabinets ready and available for your infrastructure growth. When you have need for additional space,  we will be will be ready to help  with a quick turn around.


All cabinets in the data center are uniquely keyed. We also have cages available with proximity card readers for added protection.

Critical infrastructure, including chillers, generators, etc., are located in a central mechanical building or behind 8′ barbed wire fencing.

Access Control

All data center customers and guests are required to check-in with a photo ID and granted access based on approved customer lists.

All customers and guests are escorted through security features via staff that are credentialed for biometric and HID card access.

Fire Protection

RACK59 has a dry pipe fire suppression system. Smoke and heat sensors are located throughout the data center space. Heat and smoke must both be present in order to activate, charge and begin a suppression event.

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