Colocation Research Resources

From buying adequate power, understanding dense connectivity or exploring the different reasons colocation could be effective in securing your IT infrastructure, these insightful ebooks are designed to help businesses of all sizes understand the various components in a data center colocation solution.

RACK59 Security Ebook
M&M – Case Study
This case study shares information regarding M&M’s challenges and the data center solutions provided by RACK59.
RACK59 Security Ebook
Financial Services Colocation – Interbank Case Study
This case study shares information regarding the project challenges and data center solutions provided by RACK59 for Interbank, a commercial bank located in central Oklahoma and north central Texas.
RACK59 Security Ebook
RACK59 A Guide to Data Center Security

This eBook provides a guide for evaluating the security features that are found in a modern colocation data center.

5 Reasons to Consider a Colocation Data Center

This eBook provides business decision-makers with 5 reasons they should consider a colocation data center for their IT infrastructure.

Why Successful Businesses Choose a Carrier Dense Data Center

This eBook provides the answers of what a carrier dense data center means and its impact on the most successful businesses that use a third-party data center.

How to Buy Power in a Data Center

This eBook provides a primer on the basics of power for the data center, how to calculate it, and the general process of how it is purchased in a third-party data center or colocation facility.

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