Some Common Colocation Myths You Should Be Aware of

Since colocation is rapidly evolving, people are developing various myths. They judge the quality as well as reliability of these services. But, the truth is colocation services are no doubt reliable and reduce the overhead costs.

Customers don’t have any control over the infrastructure

The truth is every customer owns the equipment, which they place in the colocation center. Most importantly, they have the access to it throughout the day. The provider gives power, network, as well as cooling infrastructure. Along with that, they offer service level agreements for the customers who prioritize peace of mind.

What they do not manage is customer workload. Although the responsibility is on the customer when it comes to maintaining software as well as balancing workloads, the same thing applies to the on-premise data center. You don’t have to pay anything extra for sharing power costs, floor space, or common infrastructure.

Equipment doesn’t stay secure when moved off-site

In fact, the opposite is the true one. The reason behind this is the best enterprises come for meeting the security features of the colocation companies. Some of the physical security options include security cameras, biometric authentication, locked cages, cabinets, etc.

Moreover, the employees working in the colocation centers are trained with top-notch security procedures. They should clear certification examinations and get rigorous training. Rest assured, by hiring the best colocation providers, your data will be in safe hands. Maintaining high-level security is not affordable for many customers.

Less reliable than onsite cloud hosting

Many companies believe that data center colocation is not safe than cloud hosting, which is not true. An onsite data center can face various issues. For example, not every business is capable enough of building diesel generators near the office. Also, it is not practical to do this.

However, the best colocation providers have battery backups, diesel backups as well as direct connections to the local companies. You will get 100% backup in terms of electricity as well as other things that are required for the smooth running of the company.

An expensive process

Many companies these days think about saving money for maintaining equipment in the office premises. But, this does not include the intangible benefits since you cannot access fast bandwidth, improved security controls, better data protection, etc.

Think colocation centers are more expensive, think again!

IT companies these days are handing over their data security in the hands of the colocation service providers. Well, the clear reason behind this is they are safe and less costly than other options. At Rack 59 Data Center, we provide the best quality colocation services! Drop an email for more details!