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Data Center Colocation for the Telecommunications Industry

A significant and steady rise in the rate of global data and voice communication traffic has led to a corresponding increase in the telecommunications industry’s reliance on data centers to process and store information. 

Television companies, internet service providers, mobile operators, 5G technology services, and the rapidly expanding IoT are all putting an increased demand on the telecommunications industry to provide secure, efficient, and reliable service. Colocation Data Centers can help telco companies meet the challenges facing the industry today. 

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Benefits of Colocation Data Centers for Telecom Companies

Rack59 Colocation Data Centers provide Telco companies with several important advantages when compared with the typical processing and storage services offered by a traditional data center. 

2N Redundancy

A data center partner can provide redundant power, HVAC cooling and connectivity. These redundancies provide the desired uptime for your data assets and  IT infrastructure.

Multi-Layered Security

Colocation data centers will have multiple levels of security and technology in place to ensure your data and IT equipment are kept safe and secure.

Dense & Diverse Connectivity

Modern colocation data centers are also carrier-dense, meaning they have access to many different ISPs. This density offers competitive pricing and diverse networks for reliable connectivity.

Ensure That Your Telco Company is Ready to Meet the Challenge of Today’s Data and Voice Communications Traffic

If you are ready to learn more about the many ways that Rack59 Colocation Data Centers can help your Telco company keep pace with the increasing demand of global data and voice communications processing, contact one of our colocation experts to discuss your specific data processing and storage needs, or schedule a personal tour of our facility today.

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