The 5 Benefits Offered by Managed Colocation Services

Managed Colocation is essentially regular data center colocation services but along the added benefits of system administration, hardware assistance, network equipment management, server backups, and response monitoring.

Managed colocation services are the ideal fit for businesses that cannot afford to spare resources on data management instead of concentrating their efforts on core business operations. This allows companies to operate out of their existing infrastructure but at the same time employ the server management expertise that managed colocation offers.

Listed below are the 5 ways managed colocation is better than unmanaged colocation services.

System Administration

System administration involves a wide array of tasks from OS installations and reinstallations to keeping up with the latest security measures, downloading required software, and even troubleshooting network issues. Day-to-day colocation management is especially favorable because it offers 24/7 system administration.

Physical Hardware Assistance

Datacenter technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to look after any malfunctioning physical hardware. They take care of installing new hardware and troubleshooting at the first signs of developing a fault.

Monitoring and Proactive Responses

In managed colocation services, there are monitoring systems that overlook the resources and services used by your servers. The support technicians are immediately notified in case a server outage occurs or any other issue for that matter. No more losing sleep over server malfunctions in the middle of the night. Our support team will smooth over any curbs.

Backup and Restore

Data stored in colocated servers can be easily recovered. Rack59 provides an entire host of backup and disaster recovery options. With us, you are assured access to the highest speed and reliability in these backup servers.

Managed Network

Gone are the days of having to hire network engineers to configure your switches, VPNs, firewalls, routers, and traffic spikes. Our staff will also monitor latency changes, configuration changes, and packet loss in addition to general uptime and availability. With our team to optimize performance from every angle, you can rest assured that your system equipment will be running at its best.

99.999% Uptime and 7 layered Security with Rack59

Rack59 Data Center provides unparalleled reliability and efficiency. Managed colocation services can open up newer avenues for your business. To schedule a free tour of our campus, contact us at 405-518-0112. We also offer free assessments to our clients.