The Benefits of Choosing Colocation Centers for Financial Companies

In the recent few years, the financial sector has witnessed significant improvement. More and more companies have started to opt for high-frequency trading. For this, the companies need computation that is driven by data so that their action taking abilities increase manifolds. Financial services colocation has started once the companies in the Wall Street realized that they cannot win the race if they are slow in taking action.

It is known to the firms dealing in finance that a microsecond delay in analyzing the trading data will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars loss. Hence, it has become necessary for the financial firms to choose colocation services.

Here are a few of the benefits of using colocation services for the financial firms:

Operative Excellence:

According to the studies, any sector can save hundreds of dollars by choosing colocation services. However, when it comes to financial services colocation, the amount can shoot up to thousands of dollars if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

The one thing that the financial sector absolutely requires is the operative excellence. The colocation services allow the companies in the financial sector to maintain their uptime sustainably while negating the need for installing cooling system and infrastructure for power. Since the companies do not have to pay attention to their power needs, they can focus on providing excellent performance.


Since the companies in the financial sector work with money, it is extremely important for the companies to maintain security. Financial services colocation allows the companies to maintain security control that includes:

  • 24×7 surveillance and alarms
  • Different levels of controls including physical control like installing biometric scanners
  • Customizable security control
  • Availability of security personnel
  • Environmental monitoring

It is safe to say that the colocation centers provide the utmost security that the financial sector asks for.

Financial Scalability and Stability:

Any firm operating in the financial sector will try to make it large. When the company grows, it is necessary for the colocation center to be able to accommodate the growing needs of the companies. Hence, the colocation service providers offer scalability that allows the companies to scaleup without the fear of losing their data.

Also, the colocation service providers offer stability so that the companies can offer service with the same proficiency and reliability.

Choosing The Right Colocation Center:

If a company is looking for a colocation service provider, it is important to check whether the center offers all the benefits of choosing financial services colocation. Rack59 Colocation Service is proud to offer the best colocation services to the companies in Oklahoma.