The Irreplaceable Role of Connectivity in Data Center

Digital connectivity has played a crucial role in helping people with activities like educating kids, communicating with loved ones, and obtaining doctors’ diagnoses. With the arrival of Covid-19, more and more people started to rely on technology for establishing connections. The use of video-conferencing applications helped us to stay connected with our colleagues. Hence the use of data center connectivity solutions has become crucial in this digital era.

The dependence on connectivity has now become a new normal. However, the companies willing to buy extra data center space should consider a few important factors, some of which include:

The Density of the Ecosystem

The ecosystem density of the data center is a vital component. Buyers should consider the combination of providers present within the data center. For example, if their leading connectivity provider is available in that data center, see if they can get access to a mixture of national, local, and international connectivity. This procedure helps in interconnecting partners, sites, and services.

Maintaining Neutrality

Neutrality is one of the essential aspects of data center connectivity solutions. These data centers improve the interconnection between various collocation providers, adding more flexibility and diversity. Furthermore, this method facilitates a highly connective data center network and offers a resilient and scalable platform wherever needed.

The Location Factor

One must also pay attention to the proximity aspect. The infrastructure must stay closer to its supply chain ecosystem, the better. This step is crucial to ensure better service and enhanced connectivity. If the customers or partners can also be in the data center, businesses will benefit from better connectivity due to private B2B connections.

Cooling and Power

Redundant cooling and power help keep the lights on. Power loss is the number one cause of outages. As per the data center survey of the Uptime Institute, one outage can cost up to $1 million. Also, the proper cooling systems prevent these data centers from running hot.

The Latency Factor

Most organizations pay special attention to latency in today’s world. A boost in the application’s performance occurs by noticing the duration of a data’s movement between two points. Several industries need a low-latency network for everyday tasks (such as financials). For these kinds of data centers, companies must ensure their responsiveness and efficiency.

The Future is Here

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