The Must-Have Questions to Make to a Data Center Provider

Colocation data center provider partners are just as crucial as picking a life partner for your business, thus there should be an extensive screening process in place. Consider the following guidelines when looking for a colocation provider that can provide your business with the amenities and resources it needs to effectively serve its clients and run its most vital activities.

Is the data center owned by the colocation provider?

You’ll get better and faster service from an owner that has control and support over their data center. Over the past 15 years, Rack59 has been operating its own privately owned Orlando data center.

Is it possible for me to access my colocated equipment whenever I want?

In Rack59’s colocation facility, servers can be accessed by owners because each cabinet is securely locked. Only staff, guided visitors, and certified colocation clients are allowed to enter this area. It is possible for customers to work on the servers in a comfortable setting at our client colocation lounge.

Security is a major concern

No matter what the outside world throws at it, nothing can harm Rack59. Each of the facility’s conventional entrances has a “man trap door” that can only be opened manually by an escort, and the doors would not open concurrently. Badge-only entry points, biometric hand readers, keycard readers are used to open all doors. In addition, dozens of IP cameras keep a constant eye on the equipment.

Is the building environment friendly?

In addition to roof solar panels, cleaner generators, and hot aisle containment, Rack59’s green data center activities include 100% electronic equipment recycling. Learn more about our cost-saving and carbon footprint-reducing strategy in the following sections.

Certifications and audits your data center has

Controls must be in place in a data center that are recognized by the industry. Standard data center audits and certifications include SSAE, PCI (payment card industry), and HIPAA (health information privacy and security act). You should know your industry’s compliance standards and certificates before starting your search for a colocation data center provider.

Data center’s connectivity

If a data center is well-connected, you can be confident that its network will be reliable and that you will be able to discover a network solution that works best for your organization. The bandwidth of a data center should be provided by numerous Tier-1 backbone providers. Two of these backbones are okay, but three of them are truly enterprise-class.

When for your business you are in an ardent need of data centers, see us at Rack59 in OKC.