True ROI of Managed IT Services

How can you know if managed IT services are a good fit for your company? There are two ways to look at it: from a technical standpoint and from a business standpoint.

From data security to increased corporate mobility, there are numerous technical reasons to choose managed services. However, in this essay, we’ll concentrate on the business side of things. So, with managed services, how do you assess your return on investment?

Calculating ROI entails much more than simply comparing cash spent to services obtained. That isn’t to suggest that numbers aren’t important or that they don’t have a place; they do, but they’ll never give you the whole picture.

To truly comprehend your return on investment, you must first comprehend the possible risks that your company faces and how much they can cost.

Value analysis of managed services

A simple comparison of cost is one technique to assess the worth. Consider all of the IT issues your company has had in the last year and calculate the overall cost of dealing with each one separately, then compare that to the total cost of managed services.

Regrettably, that comparison type only shows a partial picture. Let’s have a look at a simple example. This morning, one of your employees sat down at his computer, turned it on, and was greeted by the blue screen of death. You contacted a computer repair firm, which dispatched a technician to the location. Because it took them an hour to fix it, the repair’s face value was one hour of labor by a computer professional.

However, there are some fees that you may be overlooking. The first and most evident is the cost of missed time due to the employee’s inability to work until the computer was repaired. How long the employee need to wait for the technician to come, in addition to the hour spent repairing the problem?

You should have an efficient approach for reporting difficulties if you have a managed IT services agreement. You should also set a deadline for your supplier to respond and begin working on problems. You have no assurance for issue response time without such a service-level agreement. As a result, you may have to wait hours or days for someone to assist you.

You must also evaluate the downtime amount that happened as a result of the repair to fully comprehend the cost. To do so, you must first comprehend the financial implications of downtime.

Searching for the right partner

Not only will the correct managed service provider be able to assist you with all of the difficulties listed above, but they will also be a partner who will help you find any IT issues that your company might have. And, if the time comes for you to respond to an issue, having the correct partner on your side could be the difference between staying in business and going out of business.

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