What Should You Know About a Colocation Data Center?

Colocation data centers provide more space, security and more power for hosting the servers and computing hardware of your business. If you notice that your business is growing and you need more space and energy, then a colocation data center is the most suitable solution for you. Keep in mind that the providers of the owner of the hardware. This type of data center helps you by controlling the IT assets of your company.

If you choose a colocation data center to manage your IT work, that means your company has servers in various colocation data centers. The companies which have huge geographic footprints or company owners who want to keep their computer systems near their physical offices, colocation is appropriate for them.

Types of Colocation

There are various types of colocation facilities that are provided by the colocation data centers. The following are:

  1. Retail Colocation

If a customer leases space within a data center such as a small rack or a larger caged-off area, then it is called retail colocation. If your business does not need a lot of space or need the space for a very short time or have a small budget or they need to store a very small amount of data, then Retail location may be a good choice for your business.

2. Wholesale Colocation

When businesses require a lot of space and power, leasing a data center space completely at a cheaper rate is called Wholesale Colocation. If the companies require 1 megawatt of power capacity, need a lot of space at a low cost and have to meet compliance standards, then wholesale colocation is appropriate for them.


  • If you choose a colocation data center for your business, then you can save a lot of money because of power and networking staff, operational and security work.
  • The colocation data center provides an unlamented power supply. If any natural disaster happens in your business, you would not be affected by this.
  • Growing businesses require new servers or other equipment in order to fulfill their needs. A colocation data center helps the business by providing new servers and space at low costs.
  • Security is the most important thing that your business needs the most. The colocation center provides 24x7x365 in-house security officers, perimeter fencing, biometrics keycard scanners, IP-DVR cameras, etc.

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