Why Should Company Owners Hire Managed Colocation Services?

Organizations may build a data center facility but it can be very costly for them as they have to purchase expensive IT infrastructure assets too. They have to manage all the aspects such as cooling, minor assets, power, storage, facility space and security on their own. The firm may have to face hardship as they just don’t have to bring the infrastructure equipment but also need experienced employees and effort.

In the end, this management system becomes a headache to any company for its maintenance. As a result, they turn to colocation services which are provided by data center service providers instead of building in-house. If your organization also tries to adopt managed colocation services for getting benefits, then contact an expert.

What Is Managed Colocation?

If the space for IT infrastructure and equipment is owned by a company but is housed on the premises of a service provider, then it is called colocation. The organizations keep control of the system but don’t have to give space to house the equipment. But in managed colocation, the service provider takes all the responsibility of managing the IT infrastructure of the business owner.

A service provider does not only look after the equipment physically but also manages the operating system, databases based on the service level agreement. Moreover, they can also upkeep storage, backup and security as part of the managed colocation service.

Advantages of Managed Colocation

1. Security

The managed colocation service provider protects the companies’ data and monitors it 24*7. The service providers also employ various protocols in both physical infrastructure and cyber security and answer various calls to maintain proper security. They also use cyber security protocols including next-generation firewalls to manage backup services. They have the facility to recover the lost data both physically and virtually way if data is lost due to natural phenomena.

2. Effect on Environment

Many companies invigilate on the carbon footprint and try to offset it. But if you hire managed colocation services, then it will help you to increase the efficiency and they can manage to waste very little energy. Consequently, the effect on the environment is minimal because of these colocation services.

3. Scalability

Any growing company needs to make a strategy to manage its dynamic expansion. The organizations can get higher bandwidth levels during peak traffic times on account of managed colocation service providers. They don’t have to do any planning or pay for this.

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A growing company needs a solution package that does everything for them to manage their IT infrastructure and managed colocation services are the exact thing. If you want to get these advantages without managing the services, contact Rack59 Data Center.