For data to be impactful to the growth and success of a business, it must be accessible anywhere and anytime instantaneously.

When it comes to bandwidth needs, reliability and flexibility for transporting that data, businesses need the choices inherent in a carrier dense data center.

This eBook provides the answers of what a carrier dense data center means and its impact on the most successful businesses that use a third-party data center.

This eBook is broken down into four sections that include:

  • What is a Carrier Dense Data Center

  • How Carrier Dense Data Centers Drive Successful Businesses

  • Peering Networks and Exchanges

  • Carrier-Dense Data Centers: Serving the Needs of the Digital Business

Today’s successful businesses are not only data-driven organizations, they create digital ecosystems that make that data highly accessible, reliable and secure. To meet the bandwidth needs fueled by complex applications, big data, IoT, digital media and the connected use of cloud computing these businesses are turning to carrier-dense data centers.
Successful businesses seek logical ways to transform their IT spending from a CAPEX model to an OPEX one via third party colocation data centers. They still demand the scalability, flexibility and data transfer rates that ensure uptime, application access and ultimately business stability. This eBook explains how and why partnering with a carrier dense data center ensures the higher performance, low-cost data transfers, greater security, and ultimate accessibility that today’s digital businesses require.
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