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What to expect

  • Provide redundant power
  • Provide redundant cooling
  • Provide 24/7 redundant physical/environmental monitoring
  • Provide fire suppression
  • Provide 24/7 physical security
  • Provide diverse, redundant connectivity

What NOT to expect

  • Cloud/aaS models
  • Provide hardware platforms
  • Lock customers in to a particular product or platform
  • Hosting of any type

Detailed Overview of AI, HPC, and Cloud Computing Support

At RACK59, we’re leading the way in data center innovations, providing advanced support for AI, HPC, and Cloud Computing. Our infrastructure includes state-of-the-art technologies like SSD storage for faster data access and software-defined infrastructure for greater flexibility. We are also preparing for the era of quantum computing, which promises to dramatically increase data processing speeds. These advancements are part of our commitment to staying ahead of technological trends and ensuring our clients have access to the latest and most effective solutions

Our facility is equipped with AI-enhanced cooling systems and innovative power backup systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability for your projects. We understand the dynamic nature of AI, HPC, and Cloud Computing demands and have tailored our services to meet these evolving needs. With proactive bandwidth management, Service Level Agreements, and a focus on scalable and flexible solutions, RACK59 is equipped to handle diverse business requirements, enabling your projects to reach their full potential.

Power Infrastructure for Demanding Projects

RACK59’s 175MW power capacity is specially designed to meet the high-energy needs of large-scale AI and HPC projects. This power supply ensures smooth operation of even the most demanding applications, providing the resources needed for advanced computations and data processing. Our facility’s power infrastructure is a standout feature, boasting a true 2N configuration and an on-site 40MW substation for unparalleled reliability and efficiency. This design ensures that our clients’ operations are supported by a consistent and dependable power supply.

Each generator at our facility is equipped with a dedicated Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and is capable of supporting the entire load of RACK59 during power outages. This is crucial for maintaining continuous operations, a key requirement for high-performance computing tasks. For cloud computing infrastructures, our substantial power capacity translates to enhanced reliability and the ability to handle large-scale deployments with ease. The separate UPS systems for A&B power, connected to both utility and generator sources, ensure a stable and consistent power supply, which is critical for cloud services that require uninterrupted availability and quick scalability.

In-depth Look at the Data Center and Carrier Hotel

RACK59’s data center security is extensive, ensuring the utmost safety and protection for our customers’ data and equipment. Our facility is fortified with a perimeter fence, internal gate control, and multiple layers of security, including proximity card access points, biometric access, and extensive security camera coverage. Access to the data center floor is restricted to authorized personnel only, and RACK59 staff escort all customers to their racks, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

In addition to exceptional security measures, our power infrastructure is among the most robust in Oklahoma, comparable to enterprise data centers like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. With a true 2N power configuration and a dedicated 40MW on-site substation, our facility is equipped to handle even the most demanding power requirements. Our environmental monitoring system, ES2, continuously monitors our equipment, maintaining the data center temperature between 70℉ and 74℉ and humidity between 40% and 45% relative humidity. With over 100 monitoring points, including UPSes, network switches, generators, chillers, CRAC units, and more, we ensure optimal conditions for your equipment and uninterrupted service.

Green Power and Environmental Responsibility

RACK59 is committed to sustainable operations and environmental responsibility. Our approach to green energy is comprehensive, incorporating innovative cooling technologies like liquid and immersion cooling, which significantly reduce energy consumption while improving server performance. These advanced systems allow us to keep servers at optimal temperatures more efficiently, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of our facility. We also focus on energy reuse, repurposing waste heat generated by servers and equipment to further reduce energy consumption and demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable and circular economy.

Our data center design features modular elements, allowing us to power only the necessary infrastructure, which helps avoid unnecessary power consumption and contributes to more sustainable operations. We prioritize efficient server utilization, ensuring that our servers are used to their full potential, reducing the need for excess hardware and further conserving energy. Additionally, we actively utilize renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, supplemented by traditional sources like coal and natural gas. At RACK59, our green initiatives are an integral part of our mission. Our dedication to environmental responsibility reflects our commitment to our clients and our pledge to future generations, as we strive to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly technology landscape.

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