Data Center Redundancy

Redundant Data Center Infrastructure

Oklahoma businesses that rely on us for data center colocation require rock-solid assurances that natural and man-made disasters that can waylay their operations will be no match for RACK59. Redundancy goes hand in hand with reliability where mission-critical operations are at stake.  At RACK59, we provide our clients with facility infrastructure redundancy based on availability control, advanced data collection, advanced analytics, critical alarm response and effective integrations of all systems.

Redundant Infrastructure

  • Power: 2N configuration. Dual feed generation with A & B PDU’s at the rack. 
  • Cooling: 2N configuration with dedicated data center units. CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners); Heat Exchangers; Humidification Control; Leak Detection
  • Network: Enterprise-class Switches and Routers; Multiple Fiber Carriers; Multiple Internet Providers
  • Security: Biometric and Access Card Controls; Video Surveillance
  • Component-level sensors throughout the facility

    Redundant Power

    With more available power than all other data centers in Oklahoma combined, RACK59’s data center redundancy is configured such that every piece of equipment has a backup so that no issue with one single piece of equipment can affect our customer’s equipment.

    Our Data Center Power infrastructure includes:

    • 40+ Megawatts of available power
    • Up to 200 Watts per square foot
    • Power: Diesel Generators; UPS Battery Backup Systems; Automatic Transfer Switches; Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors; Power Distribution Units
    • Generators are equipped with 1,000 gallon belly tanks and redundant 10,000 gallon reserve fuel tank and diverse supply contracts for any ongoing backup power need.
    • Generator battery monitoring and regular testing
    • A/B UPS redundancy for power supplies
    • 2N configuration with dedicated, on-site substation fed from diverse power generating sources
    • Two underground feeds supply our central mechanical building from the substation where the generators are located.

    If you’re ready to discover how colocation services with RACK59 can transform your business, contact one of our colocation experts today or go ahead and schedule your tour today.

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    Redundant Network Connectivity

    RACK59 is the most carrier-dense data center in the state of Oklahoma offering a breadth of diverse opportunities for service provider cross-connections. With 4 diverse fiber entry points into the building and broad spectrum of carrier diversity, our model allows our customers their preference for direct connections via Layer3 into Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, and hundreds of other SaaS providers.

    2N Redundancy

    RACK59 can provide redundant power, HVAC cooling and connectivity. These redundancies provide the desired uptime for your data assets and  IT infrastructure.

    Multi-Layered Security

    RACK59’s colocation data center has multiple levels of security and technology in place to ensure your data and IT equipment are kept safe and secure.

    Dense & Diverse Connectivity

    RACK59’s colocation data center is also carrier-dense, meaning we have access to many different ISPs. This density offers competitive pricing and diverse networks for reliable connectivity.

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    If you’re ready to discover how colocation with RACK59 can transform your business, schedule a tour or contact one of our colocation experts today.

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