Secure Colocation Facility


Multi-Layer Physical Security

Ensuring the physical security as well as the digital security of your data is foundational to longstanding customer relationships. Our data center security is built on a multi-layered security strategy that provides a wide variety of surveillance, multiple points and multi-factor authentication that make it more difficult for unauthorized access to occur.

This rigorous approach spans multi-layered Biometric devices, mantraps and security checkpoints as well as state of the art video surveillance that are part of a holistic, secure colocation. While technology and physical security measures are one line of defense, they are always backed by a security and operational staff that is an integral part of the security fabric to create meticulous processes and redundancy.

Environmental Monitoring and Safety

  • Robust Environmental Monitoring systems with component-level sensor application to monitor environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, air handling and power availability.
  • Advanced cooling and humidity controls provide continuous environmental management and systems are monitored around the clock to ensure they are fully operational.
  • Dry Fire Suppression & Alarms.
RACK59 Data Center Colocation Security

Colocation Security & Safety Assets

Superior colocation facility, infrastructure, technical support, a flawless uptime record and unparalleled network connectivity are just one side of the equation that has enabled RACK59 to have data center colocation clients that have been with us for seven years or more. The other side of the equation is our state-of-the-art security and safety that ensures the highest performance and reliability. Just some of the data center security measures in place at RACK59 include:

  • Video Surveillance – All entrances to the facility are monitored using video devices with an extensive internal data center video surveillance system that covers all internal areas of the facility. This includes exterior building and parking lot surveillance.
  • Manned guard stations
  • Multifactor authentication for all personnel and authorized visitors including photo ID and access list inclusion. Biometric scanners restrict data center access to authorized individuals only with computer room entry and egress secured with a buffer zone and biometric access control.
  • Authorized visitors, clients and vendors are escorted through the facility and to their designated destinations
  • All cabinets in the data center are individually keyed.
  • Cages available with proximity card or biometric readers for added protection.
  • Carrier-class, uninterruptible backup power with fully redundant power supplies from multiple power feeds capable of facility-wide operation for several days.
  • All critical infrastructures, including chillers, generators, etc., are either located in the central mechanical building or behind 8ft barbed wire fencing.

If you’re ready to discover how colocation services with RACK59 can transform your business, contact one of our colocation experts or go ahead and schedule a personal tour today.

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If you’re ready to discover how colocation with RACK59 can transform your business, schedule a tour or contact one of our colocation experts today.

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