RACK59 Smart Hands Services

Our highly trained and experienced data center technicians can handle a wide range of remote management and troubleshooting tasks. Just some of these tasks include:

  • Colocation equipment management
  • Incoming and outgoing equipment shipment tracking
  • Rack and stack.
  • Coordinate and provision power and network requirements for equipment
  • Firewall setup
  • WAN circuit provisioning per client requirements
  • Media and supply management
  • Installing client-provided software (default configuration) using client scripts
  • Complex cable configurations per client provided instructions and diagrams
  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting
  • Circuit testing,
  • Provide remote network access to client equipment
  • Type client-provided commands
  • Executing other client-provided instructions

Smart Hands services by RACK59 enable our skilled data center technicians to act on your behalf and under your direction. These support services allow our team to proactively or reactively assist with issues that may arise with your colocation equipment. RACK59 Smart Hands support is all about keeping your IT team free to focus on important projects and tasks within your enterprise. This means that you don’t need to travel in to fix the equipment yourself or hire an outside agency to deal with the issue for you – which will save you time and money, as well as ensuring that your equipment has the minimum downtime possible.

Remote Hands and Smart Hands Explained

Smart Hands Support

As Oklahoma’s Premier Data Center, RACK59 has cultivated a reputation for excellence in facilities, technical expertise, service and support. Our Smart Hands Support is a representation of services that save you money and time while ensuring that your solution is always available, always secure and always operating at peak efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about RACK59 Smart Hands support.

To learn more about our Smart Hands’ data center services, contact us today.

RACK59 Smart Hands services allow customers to easily manage their business and maximize up-time within our data center without leaving their enterprise location. By providing you with expert, round-the-clock, resources on an as-needed basis, our technicians become the onsite extension of your IT organization.

Proactive and Reactive Monitoring

The RACK59 technical support team can actively monitor your equipment to proactively remedy any potential issues that may need fixing without your needing to contact us or intervene. We can also provide reactive smart hands support that enables you to contact us regarding any anomaly or challenge and our technicians will fix the problem as per your guidance while reporting any additional issues or possible superior remedies that they can implement.

Since our mission is to maximum uptime, especially where mission-critical systems are involved, our seasoned data center technicians will immediately begin work to resolve any issues in the shortest amount of time.