Colocation Cages

Colocation Cage Customization

We can create the optimal space with the highest level of security for your floor to ceiling enclosure. Our expert team can partner with you in the design or meet the needs of your own custom design for an ideal layout. RACK59 colocation cages can meet all of your cabling and power needs as well as isolated and segregated airflow needs for optimal cooling efficiency.

RACK59 custom colocation cages provide:

  • Enhanced security
  • Controlled airflow
  • Flexible configuration
  • Designs to fit any size
  • A variety of options in cage design

Colocation Gage Enhancements and Security

We can accommodate the needs of your multi-rack deployment in terms of ideal lighting configurations for the highest visibility for all aisles and racks with even greater specificity where desired. Our end-to-end security is unmatched among data centers in Oklahoma as well as much further afield with:

  • Multi-factor authentication including biometrics, facial recognition software
  • HID card readers
  • Motion censored cameras throughout that are integrated with our end-to-end security system

When you’re ready for the gold standard in cage colocation, contact our expert team and we can help you design and develop the ideal space. Our technical expertise and support services are salable to your needs. Since every client’s needs are different, RACK59 can develop the configuration to meet your specific scenario.

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Whether you’re an enterprise organization seeking the cost benefits of our economies of scale or a smaller business that can no longer get the ROI from an in-house solution, RACK59 offers highly flexible cage colocation configurations to meet every client’s needs. Our enclosures can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client that desires to utilize a secure area of our data center.