Secure Private Data Centers

Private Data Center Space

RACK59’s private data center environments can provide you with fully customizable options, including:

  • Enhanced security with customizable caging and CCT video security
  • Gated tenant and customer parking
  • Private access controls such as magnetic key card units and bio-metric denial systems
  • Tailored power and connectivity options
  • Unique layout options with consultation available from our expert data center engineers to ensure maximum efficiency

Our Private Data Centers feature dedicated infrastructure, privacy and security for ultimate control. Proactive maintenance strategies comply with risk management guidelines to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure

RACK59 provides a wide array of data center options with scalable densities that allow customers to grow a carefully planned end-to-end data center footprint. Our resilient and mission-critical infrastructure is deployed with appropriate audit compliance and security protocals to meet rigorous standards for each market and industry we serve.

If you’re ready to discover how colocation services with RACK59 can transform your business, schedule a tour or contact one of our colocation experts today.

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Private Data Center Services and Colocation Benefits

RACK59’s private data center suites offer a stable, efficient platform on which to build your personalized data center deployment. Private suites offer your business flexibility and control of your IT infrastructure, as well as access to RACK59’s redundant facility services and amenities. Given that RACK59’s private suites are housed within a colocation environment, customers have easy access to a host of connectivity options and the benefits of shared overhead cost efficiencies.

In the enterprise environment, businesses are often required to prove compliance with specific industry certifications. Utilizing RACK59’s design-build solution for private data center deployment, customers have the flexibility to build environments that allow auditors the capability of proving data and infrastructure security.

Benefits of the RACK59 Colocation Solution


RACK59 has more available critical power than all other data centers in Oklahoma combined. We can facilitate large and small companies and support varying power requirements.


The RACK59 campus has only experienced 4 hours of downtime since the construction of the building in 1963. During those 4 hours, our data center customers never felt a moment of downtime. We are always on and always ready.


We have additional cabinets ready and available for your infrastructure growth. When you have need for additional space,  we will be will be ready to help  with a quick turn around.


All cabinets in the data center are uniquely keyed. We also have cages available with proximity card readers for added protection.

Critical infrastructure, including chillers, generators, etc., are located in a central mechanical building or behind 8′ barbed wire fencing.

Access Control

All data center customers and guests are required to check-in with a photo ID and granted access based on approved customer lists.

All customers and guests are escorted through security features via staff that are credentialed for biometric and HID card access.

Fire Protection

RACK59 has a dry pipe fire suppression system. Smoke and heat sensors are located throughout the data center space. Heat and smoke must both be present in order to activate, charge and begin a suppression event.

2N Redundancy

RACK59 can provide redundant power, HVAC cooling and connectivity. These redundancies provide the desired uptime for your data assets and  IT infrastructure.

Multi-Layered Security

RACK59’s colocation data center has multiple levels of security and technology in place to ensure your data and IT equipment are kept safe and secure.

Dense & Diverse Connectivity

RACK59’s colocation data center is also carrier-dense, meaning we have access to many different ISPs. This density offers competitive pricing and diverse networks for reliable connectivity.

If you’re ready to discover how colocation with RACK59 can transform your business, schedule a tour or contact one of our colocation experts today.

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