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One of the benefits of choosing a data center to house your company’s data, beyond the obvious, is the wide range of options for ISPs to choose from.

With a top-quality data center, you will not simply be gaining the ability to store all of your data in a secure location, both physically and web based. You will not only be gaining additional space on your own premises for offices, equipment, recreation, and anything else you may want to designate for your extra square footage. You will not only be confident in your data collection center’s ability to keep you connected with high-speed internet. You also actually get to choose your internet provider.

An innovative data collection center will have at least Internet Service Providers to choose from.

So, once you’ve decided to shift your data storage to a data collection center, and we trust you have made that wise decision already, now you get to decide which ISP to go with, based on the needs and specific requirements of your company.

The most critical factors when making this choice, of course, are cost, speed, and reliability.



Cost kind of covers all the concerns listed, but it also has to stand on its own, and it is usually the first concern.

You can want the fastest speeds and the best reliability, but if your budget will not allow for the fastest and most reliable, you may have to make compromises on what your business actually demands.

So, the first thing to consider is how much your budget will allow for when it comes to ISP.

Right now, data centers and the ISPs they work with by extension are pricey. It does after all cost millions of dollars to establish and maintain our data centers. But the good news is that the more businesses and consumers making this smart decision to outsource and determining that the cost is more than worth the benefits, as well as balanced by the savings of not having to store your own data, technologies will emerge that make those costs less prohibitive.

Indeed, costs for data collection centers and internet services have already dropped dramatically from where they were just five years ago.

When making this decision to balance your own budget in terms of data storage centers and your ISP, be sure to calculate how much you are saving in the long run.



Everyone wants the fastest speeds, of course.

Be sure the data center you choose to work with offers ISPs with the latest speed technology, so that the data storage can be moved and handled quickly, and that you will not be experiencing any lag time in uploads or downloads of information.

If your data center cannot offer ISPs with top speed, they cannot really be storing and maintaining data well.



Security is probably the biggest issue when it comes to data storage, and if you are going to trust a data center to house your data, a huge risk, then you must be able to count on that data center to keep your information safe.

You must know without a doubt that the ISP you choose with your data center will not struggle with interrupted service, or hackers getting your information.

One level of reliability must take into consideration points of presence and network partners. Is the ISP you choose sovereign? Or does it partner with another network? And can you count on that partner network to deliver on promises made by the ISP you choose?


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