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When you hire colocation services for your data storage needs, you often get remote hands as well. This means that your provider offers technicians in their facilities to handle those tedious maintenance tasks.

As you’re not onsite with your data center, it can be frustrating to manage your IT needs. Remote hands close the gap, as they can check equipment, repair drives, and otherwise ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

But that’s just the beginning. Here’s how remote hands at your colocation provide help your business stay efficient.

What do remote hands perform?

Data storage centers require a ton of upkeep. When you book colocation services, you benefit from your providers’ ability to maintain the equipment.

But what if you need a server cycled to resolve an internal issue? Or if you need to expand your equipment? It’s rarely feasible to send your internal technicians out to the center. In some cases, it’s not even allowed. The data center is restricted, so only local staff can access it.

Remote hands perform any task you need at the colocation facility. Their responsibilities include:

  •     Checking port numbers
  •     Monitoring and reporting on equipment/server status
  •     Rebooting equipment or resetting remote sessions
  •     Installing new devices

Plus, remote hands can verify any troubleshooting you’re doing on your end. They’re your boots on the ground, so your team can remain focused on internal tasks.

What benefits do remote hands provide?

It’s a waste of time and therefore money to send your IT team out to the data center. In some situations, it may not be possible. The colocation facility may prevent outside access. And what if disaster strikes in the middle of the night? Will your tech lead drive out simply to power-cycle a server?

Remote hands give you the peace of mind that any maintenance or repair tasks will be handled promptly. This also lets your in-house IT employees focus on their projects. Data center tasks are often tedious. While important, they’re not critical to your business results. That’s why you should leave them to your remote hands — and free up your internal resources.

And because remote hands are available 24/7, they’re an extra perk of colocation services. There’s no longer a need to sacrifice your business’s uptime or waste money on emergency tech services. Your remote hands can handle the critical tasks whenever they need doing.

Conclusion: Remote Hands Can Handle Your Data Center Tasks

To fully benefit from the convenience and security of a colocation facility, let your remote hands do their work! They can handle both routine tasks and troubleshooting, so your internal IT team doesn’t have to stretch themselves too thin. This ensures that your business remains efficient. Both your techs and your budget will thank you.

Learn more about how Rack59’s remote hands help you make the most of your data storage center.