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Optimized Colocation Cabinet Environment

If you have small but growing colocation needs, or a need for a private data center configuration, our colocation cabinet solutions can accommodate you. This reliable and scalable option is simple, secure and quickly deployable by our skilled technicians. If you prefer, our technicians can act as support for your team when they are offsite.

Colocation Cabinet Configuration

RACK59 offers half cabinet as well as full cabinet colocation solutions as well as multiple/contiguous cabinet colocation. These speed rail compatible cabinets feature front and back doors if desired. In addition to our extensive end-to-end security, all cabinets in the data center are individually keyed.

Our data center configuration strategy allows for variable power densities to meet your needs. When it comes to cooling, our environmental monitoring maintains the temperature of the data center between 68℉ and 74℉.

Whether your needs are for a single rack or require a complete custom private data center configuration, we’ll provide the data center solution that best fits your specific needs. By partnering with you and advising every step of the way, we can turn your business data challenges into a thing of the past.

RACK59 provides data center colocation services to businesses ranging from Fortune 1000 enterprises to small- and medium-sized organizations. These businesses stay with us for many years because of our ability to provide fully customizable colocation cabinet configurations. In fact, we have many clients that start out with us utilizing one or just a few colocation cabinets.

RACK59 is your ideal solution for colocation in Oklahoma with immediate availability and flexibility with plans offering a range of cabinet space from a single 1U server, up to a full cabinet, or enough cabinet space to house thousands of servers.

Benefits of moving your I.T. assets to a data center

  • A predictable and operational expenditure model
  • Flexibility and scalability that allows additional capacity (space, power and bandwidth) to be brought on quickly and cost effectively
  • Better access to space, power, and capacity
  • Gain an experienced team of professionals dedicated to securing the  reliable access to your IT infrastructure
  • An ecosystem of partners and MSP providers in the same facility
  • Lean infrastructure to manage during times of rapid business change
  • Resiliency and up-time obtained with best-in-class tools providing an improved road map for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Up-to-date facility infrastructure responds to necessary cooling, power and environmental changes
  • Secure facility ensures data integrity and security
  • Colocation service level agreements to ensure services are received as negotiated

More Reasons Leaders Trust Rack59 for Data Center Colocation



RACK59 has more available critical power than all other data centers in Oklahoma combined. We can facilitate large and small companies and support varying power requirements.


The RACK59 campus has only experienced 4 hours of downtime since the construction of the building in 1963. During those 4 hours, our data center customers never felt a moment of downtime. We are always on and always ready.


We have additional cabinets ready and available for your infrastructure growth. When you have need for additional space, we will be will be ready to help with a quick turn around.


All cabinets in the data center are uniquely keyed. We also have cages available with proximity card readers for added protection.

Access Control

All data center customers and guests are required to check-in with a photo ID and granted access based on approved customer lists.

Fire Protection

RACK59 has a dry pipe fire suppression system. Smoke and heat sensors are located throughout the data center space. Heat and smoke must both be present in order to activate, charge and begin a suppression event.

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